Use Virtual Instruments Live / Using Laptops for Live Music Performance

In the section titled Use All Your Sounds we discussed how you can take advangage of the capabilities of your existing hardware synths to create layers of sounds from multiple synths. So now you have a giant arsenal of sound combinations at your disposal in a live performance. But why leave more on the table? Why not also take advantage of your virtual instruments inside your computer?

With Midi~Kuper this is very easy. You can call up, combine and layer sounds from your virtual instrument collections live on stage. The Midi~Kuper manual has complete instructions on how to do this effectively. In fact, you can easily just perform with one or two keyboard controllers and virtual instruments in the same computer you run Midi~Kuper. I have done it! I have even run a DAW for backing and click tracks at the same time!

This image shows Cakewwalk's SONAR being used for backing and click tracks together with Midi~Kuper. As an added bonus, SONAR serves as the host for the virtual instruments I use live.

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