Consistent Performance

I know you've been there. You have a full house. The crowd is roaring. You and your band are so excited to continue with the next song, the drummer counts it off way too fast, and now it's too late. You know you are going to miss that great run, and the singer is not going to be able to get through that difficult verse! Not to mention that the song is just not going to sound right.

Midi~Kuper can help with that. When Midi~Kuper is in Performance Mode, it displays information about the song, and shows a large red light blinking at the right tempo. You can position this information strip anywhere on any of your available monitors. We recommend a screen with a projector in the rear of the stage, projecting this view of Midi~Kuper for all band members to see. This way, the tempo is consistent on every performance.

As an added bonus, you also get a movable lyrics window if you have entered lyrics for the current song.

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